ArtStore will be an art shop, where artists and buyers can interact just for free. This web application follows our company motto: easy and simple to use. Are you an artist interested in selling some of your works? Sign up on ArtStore and start selling for a really small commission (1% for each successful sale). Do you love art and buying it? Then ArtStore is the place for you. Signup now and buy hundred of artworks without commissions. Browse the artworks by categories, artists, prices, sizes, weights and much more.

ArtStore works as a middleman between buyers and sellers, ensuring each of the parties that everything runs smoothly. We protect users from scam and fake works. With ArtStore, artists can rest assured that they will receive the money for each of the sales.

Another great feature of ArtStore is that it will be able in at least 3 languages (English, Spanish and German) at the moment of its release.

This web application is developed with Ruby on Rails 4. As a database management system we have used PostgreSQL and for the design we are using Twitter Bootstrap, which allows not only beautiful and fast designs, but responsive as well.

Although ArtStore is not the definitive name it is still under development, we plan to release it very soon.