Loventine is a free online dating website. Find a new love or meet new friends just for free was never so fast and easy! This web application is user friendly and totally safe. Each user in Loventine can setup their own privacy level and decide who will be able to communicate with him/her.

One of the best features is the possibility to add some comments to your profile on different languages to improve the contact with people around the world.

On Loventine, the communication between users is really fast and easy. Personal messages, winks, chat and video chat are some of the tools available to meet new people.

This project was a big challenge because of the tough competition. There are a lot of big and well developed online dating sites out there and getting a slice of the market was not easy. With Loventine, we have covered every stage in the life of the project: project planning, web development, design, release, hosting and online marketing.

Loventine was fully developed with with Ruby on Rails. As a database management system we have used PostgreSQL and for the front-end we used HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap which allows not only beautiful and fast designs, but responsive as well.

Visit the website:

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