Top5ives is a blog where we write and share random top 5 lists and interesting posts to read, most of them are based on true facts and stats. The main idea is to share an interesting list of the top 5 things within a category.

These categories include travel, luxury goods, food, film, art, latest trends, sports and cars among others. A team of editors research each topic to create updated and reliable listings. At Top5ives, we are aware of the latest search engines updates and modifications. As spun and duplicated content can be penalized, all our articles provide unique and original content.

All the posts are sorted by category and the site is very easy to navigate. It is also integrated with social networks allowing comments and share.

Top5ives also provides guest posting, allowing other bloggers or companies to promote themselves and improve their search engines visibility.

This blog is developed with WordPress and it has a responsive design. With thousands of daily new visitors, Top5ives is one of our major blogs.

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